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Vegan Visibility

Feb 23, 2023

One moment in time can change everything. For Sabrina Fair Andronica, the moment happened when she was deciding what to order for lunch at a local restaurant. As she looked at the menu, she saw a vegetarian sandwich among all the chicken, beef and pork choices.

“Why would I choose meat when I claim to love animals so much,” crossed her mind.

 It was in that moment in 2004 she realized that her actions and words needed to align fully.

During our conversation, we talk about her choice to identify as vegan, her love of animals, how she came to do her animal activism by writing children’s book, and her blue nose pit, who teaches her every day, what’s on the outside is often a mask of something very different.

Sabrina is an activist at heart and loves sharing her passion through her children’s books.

Her books include…

Adventures At Rainbow Bridge is a beautifully illustrated book about   the importance of accepting ourselves and accepting each other.

Labrador Retriever with the Block Head is a graceful and familiar story about unconditional love from a deserving rescue pitbull changing one family's world, and our own illusions

Cruelty-Free is the Way to Be! Is a book on a mission to show that kindness to all sentient beings is the greatest act of compassion one can express.