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Vegan Visibility

May 3, 2023

On this episode of the Vegan Visibility show, we had the pleasure of hosting Omaid Hiwaizi, a veteran in technology marketing and an ethical vegan for almost three decades. Omaid is the founder of ReFarm Fund, a novel project aimed at promoting sustainable farming practices that align environmental impact with farmers' profitability.

 Throughout the show, Omaid shared his journey of blending his passion for veganism with his expertise in technology and fintech. He discussed his concern about the challenges faced by small-scale farmers, the rise of industrial factory farming, and the significant environmental footprint of animal farming.

 Omaid commissioned a study which demonstrated that a transition from animal and intensive farming to rotation-based arable farming and tree planting could result in a higher return on capital, even with potentially lower output, due to decreased input costs. Inspired by these findings, Omaid and his team are developing a loan product to support farmers in making this transition.

 The ReFarm Fund will provide farmers with the necessary capital to implement changes like adopting regenerative agriculture, installing renewable energy sources, and establishing structures like polytunnels and large glasshouses powered by renewable energy. The loan will be commercial, but the environmental impact of their transition will be quantified, potentially reducing their loan payments.