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Vegan Visibility

Dec 10, 2014

Dana started her career with an un-diagnosed chronic illness, living on a neighbor’s futon. She was afraid she would never be able to support herself, and spent years struggling and searching for a way to overcome her health and financial problems. Over the years she tried many doctors and healers that didn’t work. She eventually became a Social Psychologist.

She kept searching for answers and studied many modalities until she developed Childhood Re-Imprinting Family Entanglement Work. Using this work, she addressed her health issues, her money and business blocks, and her relationship blocks. She also developed a way to grow business quickly, with "no time, no energy and no money" because her illness set her back and necessity is the mother of invention

Using Family Entanglement Work, Childhood Re-Imprinting, and her Cash Flow Jump Start method, she had a sold-out coaching practice in 1.5 months, her business soared to 6-figures in less than a year, she grew a lifestyle that allowed her to travel as much as she wanted every year. She now helps people have businesses that that let them do what they love and travel the world.