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Vegan Visibility

Dec 24, 2014

Doug Hess has worked in financial services for two decades, is a university professor and has worked in marketing and sales for over a decade.

He is an adjunct faculty member where he teaches in the School of Business for several local colleges and universities.

Doug is the co-author of "Gordon Gekko, CEO: Lessons from Wall Street for a Winning Attitude” which was inspired by the movie, Wall Street.

When Doug is not giving talks across the country relating to the concepts in his book he can be found working on any number of creative projects.

He is the Executive Producer of the short film, "Who’s That Guy?", released in 2012. This film was a unique and entertaining look into a film critic’s journey to locate a goatee clad, bald man.

Doug is married to Misty and the father of two young children Zack and Drew. He serves on several boards within the community as well as running the local youth soccer league with his