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Vegan Visibility

Jul 11, 2020

With all the changes with how we receive healthcare, Maureen Healy, is ahead of the curve. As the founder of Virtual Healing, a company dedicated to the health and well-being of people everywhere, Maureen has made it her mission to raise awareness about patient advocacy.

With a background in healthcare spanning over three decades, Maureen discovered her love of medicine while still in her teens.

He father was a physician and her mother was a registered nurse. The only girl in a family of seven children, Maureen chose learning from her father about the basics of medicine rather than cook for her family.

This led her on a lifetime passion, and a career, as a registered nurse and then a nurse practitioner.

Maureen got her master’s degree, securing her position as a nurse practitioner. She wanted more autonomy and control in how she practiced medicine.

Her desire to write a book about how to have a better hospital stay began well over 15 years ago. But as happens to many authors, life took front seat to her writing. All that changed when her mother had a serious car accident.

She quickly realized how important it is for loved ones to be the eyes and ears for a patient.

Your Guide to a Safe and Swift Hospital Stay chronicles her mother’s journey and how Maureen addressed the many issues that arose.

Available on Amazon, the books description clearly identifies what many people experience when tragedy strikes.