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Vegan Visibility

Jun 8, 2021

How does one go from being a top digital marketer, with a stellar track record with companies like Netflix, Samsun, Disney, Under Armour and Audi to the Founder & CEO of RDCL Superfoods, a new direct-to-consumer provider of personalized, functional superfoods that are 100% plant-based?

In this episode of Vegan Visibility, Donny Makower shares how he came to this life-changing decision.

A Stellar Marketing Track Record

Donny Makower has been a leader in digital marketing and brand development for 20 years. He co-founded RED Interactive Agency, a premier digital agency, which he ultimately sold. As President of RED, Donny led client services, strategy, operations, new business efforts, and the company’s vision.

Donny’s expertise centers around building organizations, developing brand strategies, and challenging companies to re-evaluate their customer experience models. Pre-pandemic, he spoke at various events and conferences about these topics.

When restrictions are lifted, he looks forward to once again getting on the platform to share his wealth of knowledge about business and his insights about the need for more people to know the truth about the benefits of a vegan lifestyle.

In August of 2018, Donny decided to align his professional endeavors with his passions around plant-based nutrition and cruelty-free living as the Founder & CEO of RDCL Superfoods.

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