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Vegan Visibility

Oct 25, 2021

With more of the workforce choosing the vegan lifestyle, this is an aspect of diversity that thoughtful companies are often getting on the job training about how to support vegan workers. Others are being very proactive about learning what they can in order to be as inclusive with their entire workforce as possible.

It may be difficult to get a truly accurate picture of the growth of those who identify as vegan, but some indications are it has grown over 300% in the last 15 years. According to some estimates, about 3% of the global population identify as vegan.

However, in the last five years, there has been substantial growth for individuals and businesses such as manufacturers, restaurants, clothing lines and running shoes.

Sammie Walker Herrera not only knows what it’s like to be vegan from the employee perspective, but also from an organizational perspective.

As a vegan herself, Sammie shares what it was like to be in an environment where she wasn’t always vegan and the response she received when she made the lifestyle choice.

Sammie is a Certified Career Coach and Accountability Coach with Self Made Millennial, a career coaching start-up that reaches an audience of over a half a million people & known for its award-winning job search YouTube Channel.

In her role as an accountability coach with Self Made Millennial, Sammie works with her clients to stay the course with their job search. She also helps them to identify what are “must haves” when negotiating for a position beyond pay.

The goal is to help people know the step-by-step ways to navigate a modern job search. The challenge many people have is they are working off an old model.

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