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Vegan Visibility

Oct 30, 2021

From carrying around an extra unhealthy 70 pounds, to dealing with high blood pressure, heart issues and IBS at the age of 26 to now being incredibly healthy, energetic, and vibrant, Michael Joseph attributes the change to one simple change… everything.

Being told his health issues were hereditary, Michael refused to believe the story he had been told most of his life.

Now trim and fit, Michael runs several businesses and enjoys great health.

Michael Joseph is the Founder of Podcaster and Both focus on best practices for business owners to grow their business by focusing on what matters most.

Michael and his team achieve this by taking a high-level view on the market and uncovering "blue ocean" strategies and tactics for growth.

Beyond business, Michael has been a Vegan for 2 years after getting the runaround from doctors and nutritionists about stomach issues.

Now Michael is on a mission to inform people about how it's changed his life for the better so it can hopefully help others.