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Vegan Visibility

Dec 28, 2021

Paula Mosteller’s journey into business and being vegan was inevitable.

A graduate of the University of Colorado, Paula spent the early part of her career marketing accounting software applications for large corporations. She continued her career in the corporate world in commercial marketing at The Boeing Company in Renton, WA.

On a whim, Paula accepted a position working for a web development company where she discovered her passion for web development and applications.

When Paula decided it was time to go solo, she combined her love of animals and helping people grow their businesses with the help of software.

PetExec is Launched

Paula and her long time workmate and friend, Paul Naro joined forces to create PetExec.

PetExec is the world's leading tool for pet care businesses. From the start, the vision was to be a web development company run and managed by web development professionals, not investors or outside venture capitalists.

A huge part of Paula’s mission is to raise awareness about the horrendous treatment of animals consumed as food. Additionally, how switching to a primarily plant-based, vegan diet is great for one’s health. When we are healthy, we tend to have better performance in our businesses and jobs.