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Vegan Visibility

Jun 5, 2022

What most people might consider a problem, is what Rym Selmi, founder of MiiRO, sees as an opportunity to create a solution.

This is exactly how MiiRO came into existence.

MiiRO is a vegan-owned company offering plant-based chocolates and baking goodies sure to satisfy the most discriminating sweet treat connoisseurs.

What started as Rym needing a solution for her own health, and the health of her children, turned into Rym’s obsession with finding the perfect, guilt-free treats her customers have come to trust for their incredible taste.  

From Plant-Based to Vegan

Rym initially identified as a plant-based eater seven years go. After two weeks being dairy free, she had such incredible results in the way she felt, she explored other aspects of a plant-based diet.  

After researching various food options, she realized there was more to what she tapped into than simply the elimination of dairy.

She had the same questions many plant-based lifestylists and vegans ask such as, “How do I handle family get togethers, social environments and pushback from those who don’t understand why someone would give up the standard American diet?”

Difficulty Turns into Wonder

When she began her plant-based journey she had a difficult time finding some of her favorite foods like ice cream and chocolate that were dairy free. Rym’s desire to create healthy alternatives was the beginning of what was to become MiiRO.

The name comes from Latin and means “to wonder.” Simply put, it means you are transported to another time and place.

She chose the name to reminder herself to be fully present during those moments of joy. For most, eating chocolate is a moment of pure joy.

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