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Vegan Visibility

Sep 16, 2022

Anastasia Trofimova is the Co-founder and CEO of Your Beet, a Swedish food-tech startup. Your Beet, an app that makes it super easy to transition to more healthy, sustainable and personalized foods is like Spotify for Plant Based recipes meets personal digital nutritionist.

The entire team at are on a mission to make it super easy for users to eat more Plant Based food, for their health and the health of the planet!

Their journey started in 2020 in Melbourne, during the devastating bushfires.

There was no question in their minds that they wanted to contribute to people living more climate friendly lifestyles.

The founders understood how difficult it was to suddenly change food habits and how little service there was available to make that transition easier.

They are the change they wanted to see!

Your Beet is a platform that makes it super easy for millions of people to eat healthy and climate friendly. With Your Beet it is TASTY and EASY to eat Plant Based food!