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Vegan Visibility

Nov 24, 2021

Until now, investing in vegan startups has been largely the domain of a few vegan venture capital funds and ultra-high net worth individuals. With recent advances in US and world financial laws and technology, all this is changing, and fast!

Discover how any vegan and sustainably minded investor can   invest $100 or...

Nov 20, 2021

There’s a cow in the room. It used to be an elephant, but at the rate things are going, the elephant could feasibly be extinct by the end of the decade.

With climate change kicking down our front door, some experts are going full throttle into raising awareness. One such person is Dr. Sailesh Rao, founder of...

Nov 13, 2021

Ph.D., professor, vegan, wife, dog mama, animal advocate and punk rocker only begins to describe Lisa Barca.

As the lead singer of Scarlet Rescue, an all-vegan punk rock band, Lisa can be found raising awareness about the vegan philosophy whether at the front of a room full of college students, caring for rescued...