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Vegan Visibility

Sep 11, 2021

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an advocate for the animals and for the vegan movement? Have you given thought to the feeling you’d get by entering a factory farm, walking into the slaughter area to film what really goes on? What about the need to put your emotions aside so that you can accurately document the truth of the horrendous activities?

Such is the case for vegan and animal advocate and activist, Bobby Sud.

With credentials that would impress even the most skeptical about animal welfare, Bobby Sud happened up on his work as an animal advocate. Bobby is a cinematographer with Nation Earth Films, has been filming inside slaughterhouses and factory farms for over three years. He is the director and cinematographer for Million Dollar Vegan. He has appeared on an impressive line up of podcast shows including the Rich Roll Podcast. In addition, he is the creator, producer, and director of The Road Less Eaten, a vegan travel show.