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Vegan Visibility

May 24, 2022

What happens when you have a small team of creatives on a mission to make a positive impact on the world? Those who are creating the best work for their clients while staying 100% aligned with their vegan values? You get a dedicated team at companies like Kakadu Creative.

When I sat down with Kayleigh Nicolaou, co-owner of Kakadu Creative, to learn more about what makes her, and the entire creative team tick, she didn’t leave me wondering where she stood on the issue of the health, the environment and animal compassion as a vegan led company.

Without a doubt, there is a trend in business where like-minded people are choosing to do business with those who fully understand their values, commitment to the animals, climate healing and the animals.

Yet, the concern for those still in the “vegan closet” is that if they are too vocal about being a vegan led and driven organization, they will lose business.

They question, “Will we lose business? What will people think? Is there a big enough market reach?” due to the whispered warnings of family, friends, and well-meaning colleagues.

Yet, unable to shake the inner calling to proudly announce to the world they are a vegan driven company, more every day, businesses of every size and description are heeding the call.

For the majority of companies who make this decision they realize it is likely one of the best choices they ever made.

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