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Vegan Visibility

Aug 31, 2022

Vegan Marketing Success Stories is taking the vegan business world by storm. A first of its kind, Vegan Marketing Success Stories highlights the marketing tactics of many of today’s most successful vegan businesses.

With 47 contributors and dozens of other vegan companies mentioned as examples, the non-fiction book shares how on- and off-line tactics contribute to a cohesive strategy and topical issues that few marketing books are talking about: the importance of diversity and inclusion, what vegan businesses did to weather the pandemic, and how some have transitioned to becoming vegan.

“In 2021, I researched whether there was a book about marketing for the vegan industry. When I discovered one didn’t exist, I knew I had to publish it,” says Nomoto, a vegan content writer and editor since 2020 who operates as The Content Doctor.

She continues: “This book would not have been possible without the stories of the 47 contributors and other vegan companies around the world.”

Contributors include executives of Benji Vegan Gourmet, Blue Tribe, Goddess Garden, Immaculate Vegan, Remeant, Vegan Business Tribe, Vegans, Baby, Vegan Supply, and We Animals Media.

Other companies and individuals featured in Vegan Marketing Success Stories include Alpha Foods, Alpro, Atlas Monroe, Bad Manners, Heather Landex, Kathleen Gage of Vegan Visibility, Mid-Day Squares,, Switch4Good, The Body Shop, THIS, and VFC.

The book is endorsed by Victoria Moran, Chief Compassion Officer of Main Street Vegan Academy, Erik Amundson, Co-Founder of Vevolution, Claire Smith, vegan entrepreneur and impact investor at Beyond Investing, Katrina Fox, Founder of Vegan Business Media and author of Vegan Ventures, and Stephanie Redcross West, Managing Director of Vegan Mainstream, among others.